Tax Collector

The Town of Franklin Tax Collector’s Office is responsible for the collection of property taxes for the Town of Franklin.  By mail. Please send your tax payments to: Tax Collector, Town of Franklin, 7 Meetinghouse Hill Road, Franklin, CT 06254.  Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like a receipt mailed back to you.  By use of our drop box located outside of Town Hall, available at all times of the day. This is located at 7 Meetinghouse Hill Road, Franklin, CT.  By using the online bill pay system (  *Please note there is a 2.95% convenience fee that is charged by the credit card operating system.  For those of you who are over the age of 65 and are not comfortable coming to the office, please contact me at 860-642-7206 Ext. 4 to schedule an appointment.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not negate the tax or interest due, per State Statute 12-130. If you do not receive a tax bill, please contact the Tax Collector’s Office.  What if you owe motor vehicle taxes and you are trying to register with CT DMV?

What if you are being taxed on property you may no longer own?  If you are being taxed on property you no longer own, please contact the assessor’s office at 860-642-7352 Ext. 1.